Sanae Nichelson

Originally from Los Angeles, Sanae moved to New York and lives in Brooklyn. She instantly fell in love with its eclectic neighborhoods, cultural diversity, and stunning turn-of-the-century architecture. Exploring many different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Sanae found that each is unique and full of hidden gems, waiting to be discovered. Extremely knowledgeable about Manhattan and all the boroughs, Sanae has an encyclopedic understanding of what these areas have to offer, from the best restaurants and shops to her favorite nearby activities.

Sanae is ready to guide you through every step of New York’s intricate real estate process, whether you are a first-time renter, a buyer from out of town, or an experienced seller. As a sociology student with a minor in race and ethnicity, Sanae strives to make every one of her clients’ experiences special with her effervescent personality, work ethic, and integrity. She will listen to and understand your needs, ensuring they are met, while helping you find a perfect home.

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