Global Landlord Services & Results

As a real estate brokerage company, we are committed to serving the needs of ambitious and discerning landlords across the globe, providing exceptional service and delivering outstanding results.


From managing single-family homes to apartment buildings, townhouses, and multi-unit complexes, numerous landlords across various markets have already entrusted their properties to our real estate brokerage company.
As your partners, our priority is to add value to your property, enhance its branding, position it competitively, market it effectively, and successfully lease or sell it beyond expectations. Once you engage our firm, we will provide the following services:

Data-Driven Pricing

Accurate pricing and positioning of your property in the marketplace are crucial. By utilizing proprietary, historical, and public data, we compile and consolidate analyses to guide competitive and strategic pricing for your property. Throughout the process, we will continue to provide you with ongoing feasibility studies and up-to-the-minute market research, including pricing, demographics, and cultural trends. As a real estate brokerage company focused on serving landlords, we strive to ensure optimal results for your property management needs.
Marcel Bellucci

Reputation & Strategic Public Relations

We firmly believe in the power of editorial content. For most tenants, the landlord’s reputation is as important as the property itself. Collaborating with our press team, we will strategically engage media across all platforms to tell a compelling story about the unique opportunities your property offers and the high standards of your management. As a real estate brokerage company dedicated to serving landlords, we strive to enhance your image and attract quality tenants to your property.
Marcel Bellucci
Marcel Bellucci

Partnering With Landlords For Success

Our real estate brokerage excels in partnering with landlords to enhance property value. With 800+ agents worldwide, we provide customized expertise. Our senior management curates the perfect leasing and marketing team for your property. In collaboration with our creative experts, we’ll work with you to optimize layouts, floor plans, and amenities, attracting prospective tenants.

Landlord Success Through Partnerships

As a real estate brokerage company, we are thrilled to collaborate with Churchill Corporate Service, a leading national corporate housing, staging, and furniture rental company. Our exclusive partnership empowers landlords with unparalleled benefits, such as top-notch design and staging for rental offices and model units in the properties we manage, along with a cost-effective structure unique to our alliance.

We excel in the art of merchandising and positioning. We’ll create high-quality video tours for distribution on relevant platforms, and develop polished marketing materials, such as brochures, postcards, and show sheets, to elevate your property’s appeal to potential tenants.

Expert Photography For Landlord Property

Our real estate brokerage company collaborates with top-notch photographers to produce captivating images for landlord property ad campaigns. Skilled in marketing and branding, our photographers excel in showcasing a lifestyle, setting a mood, stirring emotions, and telling a story through their work.

“We elevate your properties’ market presence with outstanding visuals and image campaigns.”

Marcel Bellucci

Boosting Landlord Properties With Visuals

As a real estate brokerage company catering to landlords, we deliver professional lifestyle photography, videos, and aerial drone footage to enhance the property’s image and brand.

Our Team Specializes In

  • Exterior and interior visuals
  • Scale models
  • Cut-throughs
  • Photomontages
  • Animations


Professional video is one of the leading tools needed to create exposure and sell homes in the high-end luxury market. SPiRALNY will provide professional video, aerial/drone work that will implement themes to create an accurate image of this property and lifestyle this home provides for the buyer.

Landlord-Focused Asset Management

As a real estate brokerage company, we tailor our services to landlords seeking strategic financial solutions. Based on your property vision, we can invest or facilitate syndication of capital contributions through our asset management divisions. By partnering with us, we not only market your property but also bolster your potential to attain financial objectives.

Financing Solutions

As a real estate brokerage company catering to landlords, we leverage strong relationships with reputable banks to secure favorable financing for your property. This advantage ensures seamless transactions for tenants and the potential to lock in competitive rates as needed.

Simplifying Landlord Leasing Processes

As a landlord-focused real estate brokerage, we collaborate with your legal team to simplify leasing contracts and technical procedures, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We coordinate timely closings for each unit, recognizing that budget and timelines are vital to maximizing profitability and success.

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