Ovadia Sudai

Though Ovadia has lived in various places throughout his life, he has always felt the New York Metropolitan Area was where he felt most at home. Born in Suburban Washington DC, and raised in Columbus Ohio, he has garnered knowledge of both urban and suburban real estate markets. While attending DePaul University in Chicago, he majored in International Marketing which has built the foundation of his ability to connect and work alongside his clients, specifically international clients. He is proficient in Spanish and French, and fluent in Hebrew.

While furthering his customer relationship skills as a flooring sales representative in Queens, he became passionate about helping New Yorkers turn their housing dreams into reality. Inspired by the differences he saw in the home improvement sector, he naturally turned to real estate as a means to help customers accomplish their real estate goals. Ovadia’s laid back and no nonsense approach paired with his enthusiasm and drive, provide customers with an agent that is diligent, straight-forward, and efficient.

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