Andris Pinkhasik

Coming from a background in building automation; Andris has worked in residential, commercial, and public buildings. He is proficient in building systems, construction management, and customer relations. His interest in real estate began with reading Peter Brown’s “How Real Estate Developers Think” and subsequently, Le Corbusier’s “Toward A New Architecture.” His goal is to combine the concepts in building systems, real estate, and architecture so that the client can make a comfortable decision.

Andris grew up in Brooklyn and cannot imagine living anywhere else but New York City. The hustle and bustle of the city, the infinite amounts of cuisine in Queens, and lure of the cool in Brooklyn has enamored many to remain, just like him.

He looks forward to assessing your needs, guiding you through the process with care, and providing efficient solutions.

He is fluent in English, Latvian, and Russian. In his spare time: he enjoys playing the guitar, challenging himself in the kitchen, and learning new languages.

Work with Andris