Blanca Roman

Uniquely bridging the gap between Brooklyn and Manhattan real estate Blanca has an ever expanding knowledge of the market and industry. Blanca is both recognized in NYC neighborhoods, as well as being a native of California, working in construction project management, her skills and knowledge work remarkably well at representing sellers and buyers across Manhattan. Her ability to work with sellers and buyers has made her an unparalleled resource for those making a transition.

With extensive personal experience in property management, Blanca is able to provide her clients with an extraordinary range of services – from extensive staging to showcase a property to its fullest, to consultations with contractors, architects, and designers. Blanca views her role in any transaction holistically, servicing a client’s needs while recognizing that each client and sale is different. Lindsay prides herself on her uncompromising values and professionalism, and as a result, is held in extraordinarily high regard in the New York City real estate market.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

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